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Merriam Massey

Merriam offers one to one and small group coaching in the pool and open water for beginner and intermediate swimmers and triathletes committed to building skill and confidence in the water. Merriam tailors her coaching to her swimmers’ history and goals, using a foundation of proper technique to prevent injury and build speed.


A life-long swimmer, Merriam has been competing since the mid-90s and teaching since 1999. She became a coach for the Kansas City Blazers in 2008, working with age group and masters swimmers for six and a half years with the Blazers team. She then took a break to finish her Master’s degree and return to triathlon; completing 2 half-iron distance triathlons and numerous sprint and Olympic tris.


Whatever your starting point and end goal, Merriam believes building swimming skills and fitness is a worthwhile endeavor that will bring life-long enjoyment. In addition to her passion for swimming, Merriam loves triathlon for the confidence, self-awareness, and community it provides.

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