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Kate Ripley

Kate has had a career in clinical massage therapy for more than 14 years. She has a strong background in medical field, pursuing her pre-med/biology degree as an undergrad and working in a hospital/sports med practice for more than 9 years combined. However, after much deliberation, she chose to take the path less-traveled, and in 2003 she received her certification in massage and neuromuscular massage from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy. 


​Kate has gotten to work with​ clients ​of all athletic levels -- ​from elite​ to rookie, and everything in-between. ITB/piriformis syndrome​,​ TOS (thoracic outlet syndrome), repetitive-use injuries and ​nerve-entrapment/impingement pain and dysfunction are just a few of the common issues she has dealt with over the years. ​As a triathlete herself, she understands first-hand many of the issues that her clients deal with in training and finding a life/training balance. 


Kate is a proud member of the D3 Multisport team and is currently training for Wildflower with her husband. They have a beautiful and wickedly clever 9 year old girl. Kate has a love of good tequila, spicy food and espresso. 


​Boulder Bodyworker has two locations to choose from.  Scheduling with either location is as easy as pulling up the Boulder Bodyworker website ​and logging on to the MindBody schedule link or using the MindBody Express app on your phone. You can see the entire week's schedule at one time and booking a session is only a few clicks away. If you have more questions, please call or text. 



Office: (call & text ready) 720.600.2208


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