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Jacob Higgins

Jacob is currently a USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach. He is working toward a Sports and Exercise Science degree to become a USAT Level II Endurance Coach.


He started swimming competitively at a very young age and through one of his coaches was introduced to triathlon in the early 90s. It took many years for him to find his groove in the tri world but by 2010 he was back at it; carving out his space. After finishing many triathlons including several 70.3s and two full Ironman distances; he realized he wanted to help others discover the same joy he found in triathlon.


Jacob’s coaching philosophy is this:

Triathlon IS an all-inclusive sport, one not reserved for the elite athletes, the naturally athletic, or the naturally fit. 


If you have the drive, you can become a triathlete. You decide your successes and limits. And last, but not least; a balanced, healthier lifestyle is the byproduct of triathlon training. Many find that they are more successful in the home and professional lives when driven by the goals and schedule of triathlon training. If you have read this far, you already have the triathlon flame burning. Let’s throw some gas on that fire and see what happens!

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