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No matter what your current level, we will help to create
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needs and goals.

George Cespedes

George is the founder of TriAniamls and TriAnimal Endurance. He started in the sport of triathlon in 1989 and was lucky enough to win a lottery slot to Kona in 1993. After several more races, including St. Croix in 1996, an injury in 1996 forced him to give up triathlon until 2012. In an attempt to make up for lost time, George completed three Ironman races since his return where he once again realized his true passion for the sport of triathlon. He has completed all distances of triathlon from Sprint to 140.6, and has completed four stand-alone marathons.


Originally from New York city, George is a die-hard Jets and Mets fan, so he is familiar with disappointment. As a father of two, when he’s not working or training he’s busy being dad, which is his favorite of all roles. Additionally, George is an independent Life and Health Insurance Broker in Colorado Springs.

Athletic Highlights:
2x NYC Marathon Finisher 1991 and 1992
4x Ironman Finisher, Kona 1993, Cozumel 2013, Boulder 2014, Chattanooga 2016
Numerous 70.3, Olympic, and Sprint Distance races

Coaching experience:
USAT Level 1
RRCA certified
LTF assistant run coach/lead
Team in Training Marathon Coach 2013

George’s coaching philosophy can be summed up in these 3 sayings:
1. “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.” First and foremost, triathlon should be fun. It’s an excellent way to get in great shape and meet some awesome people. The fact that it’s competitive is just a bonus.
2 “Communication is the key.” As an athlete you need to communicate with your coach. I can’t read your mind and I don’t know about the everyday stress that might be impacting your goals and performance. Communicate with me, and your journey will be much more successful.
3. “ Plan your race, and race your plan.” Like a coach in any team sport, triathletes need to go into each event with a game plan. Each race will have different conditions so a different game plan may be necessary. However, if we have a clear plan that you can follow, success is much more attainable.

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