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David Abbott

Located in Colorado Springs, David offers a variety of massage styles including deep tissue, trigger point, and traditional Swedish. He is also trained and certified in Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy and holds an active license in Colorado as a Massage Therapist, Lic# MT.0019317.

David spent over 30 years as a competitive athlete and coach in swimming, running, cycling, gymnastics, diving, volleyball, climbing, soccer, and football.  "The exposure and success in a wide range of sports has given me a knowledge and understanding of body movement and performance.  I use this knowledge and understanding to cater my massage therapy sessions for other athletes and active lifestyle people."

Regular massage has immediate and lasting benefits to increase the bodies capability and maintain activity.  Massage can warm up the body and muscles minutes before a competition or workout, as well quickly flush the body of lactic acid buildup within the muscles immediately afterwards permitting the body to recover faster.

(719) 373-3399

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