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Danielle de Boer

Sports Psychologist

Danielle was a competitive backstroke swimmer and tennis player in school years. She became a marathoner after having 4 children and in recent years she became a triathlete and and an accomplished cyclist. Three years ago, while on a training ride, she was hit by a car which landed her in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury and facial fractures. She never gave up and came back to win state time trial the following year. Between raising children and graduate school she hikes Colorado 14ers and won a local plank contest with a 42 minute plank.

Danielle grew up the daughter of an immigrant in Holland and Zeeland, Michigan; working at her family's bakery and farm. Today, residing in Colorado Springs, she helps athletes who want to move from just following a training plan to mastering the mental TRI-Beast!

Danielle's masters degree in psychology specializing in sport and performance, along with her own competitive experience, allow her to understand the athlete's mind and needs. 


What percentage of your performance is mental? What percentage of your training is mental? Struggling with anxiety, confidence, focus, or fear are not helping triathletes succeed. Learning how to use mental tools combined with physical training, triathletes can thrive in sport and life. Athletes struggling with 'return to play' after a set back will find her especially understanding and motivating because of her own experience.

To arrange your own 30 minute free consultation email Danielle at

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